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Welcome to Digital Discom - Market for Energy Enabled Services


At Digital Discom, we are committed to driving the energy transition and promoting sustainable practices in India. We provide a comprehensive platform that enables businesses and consumers to easily access and purchase a wide range of energy management solutions, energy accounting services, carbon trading opportunities, and an extensive selection of solar products. Our platform serves as a marketplace where sellers can register their energy-related products, and interested buyers can make informed choices to meet their energy needs while contributing to a greener future.


Our Vision 

Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, enhance energy efficiency, and promote sustainable development across India. We believe in harnessing the power of technology and innovation to revolutionize the energy sector and create a positive impact on the environment. Through our platform, we aim to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to embrace clean energy solutions, reduce their carbon footprint, and actively participate in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Mission Statement   

To achieve our objectives & company vision by creating value for all our clients, employees and partner in fair, ethical & environment friendly manner using technology driven, innovative, profitable, & sustainable business model. Our mission is to revolutionize the energy industry by providing a comprehensive online marketplace for energy management and solar products/services in India.

We aim to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy solutions, empower customers to make informed decisions, and promote energy efficiency practices across sectors. Through our platform, we strive to connect individuals, businesses, and service providers, fostering a vibrant ecosystem that catalyzes the transition towards clean, sustainable energy sources.

Core Values


Our Unique Value Proposition

1. Wide Range of Energy Solutions:

Digital Discom offers a diverse range of energy management, energy accounting, and carbon trading services to meet the unique needs of our customers. From advanced energy monitoring systems to energy-efficient appliances, we curate a comprehensive selection of products and services that enable efficient energy consumption and environmental stewardship.

2. Seamless E-commerce Experience:

Our user-friendly platform provides a seamless e-commerce experience for both buyers and sellers. We have designed an intuitive interface that facilitates easy navigation, product comparison, and secure transactions. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free and convenient purchasing process for our customers, allowing them to make informed decisions and find the right energy solutions for their specific requirements.

3. Commitment to Green Energy:

We are deeply committed to promoting green energy and sustainability. By connecting buyers with sellers of solar products, solar inverters, solar batteries, solar pumps, and more, we contribute to the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources. Our platform acts as a catalyst for the growth of the solar industry and supports the realization of a cleaner and more sustainable energy ecosystem.

4. Empowering Sellers:

Digital Discom is dedicated to empowering sellers by providing them with a robust platform to showcase their energy products and services. We enable sellers to expand their reach, connect with a larger customer base, and maximize their business opportunities. Our transparent commission-based model ensures a fair and mutually beneficial partnership between sellers and our platform.

5. Driving Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of sustainable development. Through our platform, we promote energy-efficient solutions, smart devices, and innovative technologies that help users optimize their energy consumption. By embracing energy efficiency practices, individuals and organizations can significantly reduce their energy costs while minimizing their impact on the environment.